Skiing in Livigno

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Skiing in Livigno

Livigno (1816m) is a year-round Alpine skiing destination and one of the main winter resorts in the Alps and a perfect venue for anyone wanting to ski in Livigno. It is a very picturesque village in Alta Valtellina on the border with Switzerland. Beautifully nestled between the Stelvio and Swiss National Parks, it stretches 15Km along an Alpine valley surrounded by two mountain ranges rolling gently from 3000 m down to the village. 

Livigno is the most northern town of Lombardy, and one of its hamlets, Trepalle, is located at 2250m above sea level making it the highest permanently inhabited town in Europe.

This peculiar geographical position, together with its high altitudes, makes Livigno a winter paradise with heavy snowfalls from late November until early May.  An extensive network of snow making facilities, covering up to 70% of the terrain, ensures that the ski areas always retain perfect conditions.

The village is also well known for his long main street lined with traditional houses made from wood and stone. In fact, Livigno has been carefully modernised without compromising the pristine surroundings and maintaining its traditions and architecture.

Livigno is the perfect destination for those who seek well-being through outdoor activities. In winter there are the classic activities like alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, telemark, snowboarding and freestyle. And with over 150 professionally trained instructors across eight ski schools everybody can aspire to improve on their tecnique. Additionally, you can challenge yourself along the KL speed run with automatic speed monitoring, enjoy  night skiing down an illuminated run, savour the scenery while ski- touring or freeride skiing with experienced guides. Other activities include ice racing in specially prepared cars driving on a 1Km ice track  under the supervision of instructors at the Ice Driving School,  snow shoeing, ice skating, snow biking, horse riding … the choice is yours to enjoy a real winter wonderland.


During the 2026 Milano Cortina Winter Olympic Games Livigno will play a major role by hosting all the snowboard and freestyle skiing events and by awarding the biggest number of Olympic medals, 24 in total against the 16 of Milan and 19 of Cortina. In addition to that, Livigno will be the home of one of the Olympic villages providing accommodation to over 1,000 athletes. 


Where can you Ski in Livigno

The Mottolino and Carosello 3000 - offer 115 Km of trails served by a modern lift system that includes 6 gondolas/ cable cars, 13 chairlifts and 11 ski lifts spread across the two mountain ranges giving access to 12 black, 37 red, 29 blue runs and three of the most famous snowparks in Europe with their rails, ramps, jump lines, super and half pipes, inflatable bags, and Boarderfun.

Between runs, there are numerous choices to take a break in the sun at one of many restaurants and bars on the mountains.

Livigno is also where cross country skiers feel at home, with its 30 km of well groomed runs along the wide valley suitable to beginners and World cup athletes alike. In December, the season officially starts with the famous marathon, La Sgambeda, a 42Km or 21Km race where elite cross-country champions compete along with many passionate amateurs.

Summer visitors will not be disappointed at the wealth of activities offered for the summer visitor to Livigno, please visit our site at Cycling in Italy for more 

In addition to its ski slopes and pristine nature, the valley of Livigno is also known for its Duty Free zone. Granted by Napoleon in 1805, this status has supported Livigno’s social and economic development since the ‘50s, in conjunction with the winter opening of the Foscagno Pass, linking Livigno with Bormio and the rest of Valtellina and the 1965 construction of the “Munt La Schera” tunnel towards Switzerland providing a year round link to Northern Europe. Today this duty free status  - a unique case in Italy - attracts a variety of tourists, offering them the chance to find top brands at great prices.

And after a day full of sport and physical activity you can experience the lively and fun-filled Après Ski, starting on the slopes and continuing down in the village with its numerous pubs, beer houses, restaurants where you can party until the early hours.