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Bormio Thermal Baths

    As well as spectacular scenery, fabulous mountains and amazing skiing Bormio is blessed with an abundance of natural thermal mineral water. The Ancient Romans discovered the curative and beneficial power of the waters. Their knowledge has been handed down through the centuries and today, over 2000 years later, the culture and the philosophy of the Roman Baths have been maintained.

    The thermal water springs offer detoxicating and relaxing properties and provide a break from the daily stress of city life in truly unique surroundings. The regenerative and invigorating properties of the water offer a wonderful way to recuperate after a day skiing or an excursion in the Stelvio National Park.

    In Bormio there are three Thermal Centres open all year round: Bormio Terme, Bagni Nuovi and Bagni Vecchi.

    Each utilises the natural thermal water, which flows from the springs at between 36° - 41° C all year round.


    Bormio Terme Spa is a very modern centre located right in the heart of the village. It uses innovative equipment and blends comfort, relaxation, fun and wellbeing. It features sports and fitness areas with indoor and outdoor pools, sauna, Turkish bath, solarium and relaxation area as well as areas with water games and water slide .

    It is recommended for families with children of all ages thanks to its slides and water games equipments both indoors and outdoors; for everyone wishing to swim in thermal waters and for those who wish to access the classical thermal spa treatments: mudbaths, inhalations and rehabilitation therapy. In addition to the therapeutic opportunity Bormio Terme boasts an absolutely beautiful recreational sports section.

    The centre includes five thermal pools and various other facilities:


    Partially indoor and partially outdoor, with a constant 33° C temperature, this swimming pool is pleasant in every season. The indoor section, equipped with a hydromassage area and a special circular current swimming area grants moments of fun and relaxation, whereas the outdoor section has a wonderful view of the ski runs and the surrounding mountains and features hydromassage sunbeds.

    Surrounded by a beautiful park and next to the “Four Seasons” pool, this pool is fed by two waterfalls of thermal water at a constant temperature 28/29° C. The variable depth, from 110 to 160 cm, allows for comfortable outdoor swimming. The contrast with the warmer “Four Seasons” pool is obvious and pleasant and alternating between the two pools is recommended for personal wellbeing.


    Real fun for the smallest ones, where they have can be sprayed by the water falling from an enormous mushroom, a small multi-coloured slide completes the fun. Furthermore, the 33° C water temperature makes it pleasant and suited to children of all age, who can have fun in total freedom.


    The outdoor pool gives children much fun in the water during the hottest times of year.

    This pool (25m) is suitable for training thanks to its maximum temperature of about 28° C.


    Specially designed for children, the slide – a 55 metre long duct where the warm thermal water flows – is also enjoyed by adults: exciting and accessible from an indoor stairway or a lift, fun is guaranteed to anyone over the age of 10!

    Made in wood as required by tradition, has a temperature between 85° C and 100° C, with relative humidity between 10% and 40%.

    There are various inhalation treatment techniques that introduce into the lungs the more or less finely fractioned thermal water and the gasses contained in it.


    This very charming and ancient Spa is located about 3 km from the town of Bormio. It offers more than 30 services such as internal and external swimming pool, sweating caves, settling tanks, relaxation rooms, saunas, mud baths and the historic Roman baths. Recommended for those wishing to enjoy unique timeless emotions (no admittance for children under the age of 14).
    It is a real plunge in history spanning over 2,000 years, from the Roman Baths to the century-old caves that lead to one of the millenary springs, to the outdoor panoramic swimming pool overlooking the Bormio valley.

    There are six sections with specific thermal trails: the Roman Baths - known since the 1st century B.C -; the Baths of the Archduchess - named after the Archduchess of Austria, who used to spend summer periods here -; the Sudatorium Cave of San Martino leading to one of the springs in the heart of the mountain; the Medieval Baths; the Imperial Baths; and the panoramic outdoor pool overlooking the “Magnificent Land”. All in a décor that is unique in the world.


    Just over 2km the Bagni Nuovi Spa and Wellness centre consists of four sections with specific thermal trails. A unique decor filled with  natural aromas, lights, images and colours. Over thirty thermal facilities are available including seven outdoor tubs and swimming-pools that can be enjoyed all year round in ample sunny garden setting. Recommended for those who wish to relax and recharge in the company of their family (children must be over the age of 5).

    The circuit starts in the gardens, bathed in warmth and sunlight from the early morning hours to sunset, crosses a modern tunnel in minimal style and leads to the underground floor decorated in Liberty style.

    Booking is advisable for admittance to the Bagni Vecchi and Bagni Nuovi.